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Region:New York State, United States of America


Constantin Westchiloff (15 December 1878 – 1945) was an impressionist painter born in St Petersburg, Russia. While studying Fine Arts under Ilya Repin at the Imperial Academy in Saint Petersburg in 1898 to 1905, Westchiloff won the Kuindzhi prize, and went on to take up a scholarship to study in Rome. After his return to Saint Petersburg, Westchiloff worked as a theatrical designer in addition to exhibiting his artwork. The Russian revolution of 1917 saw Westchiloff fall in with a group of artists who created Agitprop at the Petrograd Technical Institute. In 1922 Westchiloff emigrated to France and settled in Paris, before moving to New York in 1935. He spent much of his later career traveling the north-eastern United States, painting landscapes, seascapes and coastal views, for which he became particularly well known.

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