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Region:Paris, France


Hippolyte Petitjean (11 September 1854, Mâcon – 18 September 1929, Paris) was a French Post-Impressionist painter who practiced the technique of pointillism. Petitjean took up an apprenticeship in an artisan’s workshop at age 13 while studying evening classes at the École de dessin in Mâcon. He moved to Paris in 1872 to take up a grant to study at the École des Beaux-Arts, and showed his first exhibition at the Salon in 1880. It was in Paris that Petitjean met Georges Seurat in 1884, who had a profound influence on his artistic development. Encouraged by Seurat, Petitjean took up a neo-impressionist style, adopting the pointiest technique for which he has become well-known. Petitjean enjoyed little popular success during his lifetime, working as a drawing teacher for the Paris municipal council from 1898. He died alone and destitute in 1929.

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